Rice and Smothered Cabbage Soup

Through the winter months, I get cabbage almost every week in my  veg box, so by this time of year, I’m in search of new ways to prepare it.  I found this recipe on  Orangette’s website and thought it sounded great, though it doesn’t look that exciting! The full recipe can be found here. It’s hearty and satisfying and the leftovers taste just as good (though they were more like risotto than soup). The cabbage takes a while to cook but can be done ahead of time; the soup itself only takes about 20 minutes.

finished soup

I used pointed cabbage rather than the recommended Savoy cabbage, but otherwise followed the recipe pretty closely (except I forgot the butter in the end).  Not sure I missed it, though I suspect it would taste a little bit richer with the butter included.

Cooking the cabbage

Wine pairings:

For the wines, I chose two  Australian whites,  a dry Riesling (Tingleup Vineyard 2012, £9.99 at Tesco) and an off-dry Chenin Blanc (Brown Brothers 2012, £7.99 at Tesco).  The Tingleup Riesling was dry, with tastes of green apple and lemon.  I don’t think it was an ideal match, although I like the wine itself (and would buy it again).  It was a better match than the Brown Brothers Chenin Blanc, with ripe melon flavors, which was too sweet for my liking.  An interesting match might be a Barolo or Barbaresco, full bodied red wines from Piemonte, especially if you add some extra Parmesan cheese.

the wines

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